beatRack Stands

Snare Drum Stand

Fast and simple, the beatRack Snare Stand is a novel approach (US Patent #8,927,841) which is the best solution on the market. More Info

Quad Stand

beatRack uses a completely new approach (US Patent 8,802,951) , resulting in the most physically stable quad stand on the market. More Info

Vertical Bass Stand

Stability and simplicity are the strong points for the beatRack vertical bass stand. This stand sets up in seconds, and has the strongest resistance to wind-tipover of any stand on the market -- proven by airflow studies performed by a Boeing Aerospace aeronautical engineer. More Info

Mobile Option -- Stands with Wheels

This is an option for the Snare, Quad, or Vertical Bass Stand which adds wheels which can be deployed or withdrawn, depending on the needs of the performer. With a simple adjustment, all three wheels either deploy (allowing free rolling) or are withdrawn (making the stand completely stationary). The changeover can be done in approximately 3 seconds.

Horizontal Bass Stand

Bass drummers everywhere are finding out how much fun it is to play on a drum which is right in front of them. This stand provides a strong platform for all bass sizes, with a gentle tilt away from the player for maximum power and visual appeal. With easy-rolling wheels these stands are completely mobile, saving strain on the players and allowing immediate performance timing. Wheel locks allow the stands to be used on uneven surfaces.More Info

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Some of our projects:


Prairie Ridge HS

"The beatRack stands are by far the best marching percussion stands on the market. They are so much easier to set up and more secure than the other stands out there."

Tim Blakewell, Prairie Ridge HS Band Director

Chicago Bears Drumline

"The stands are holding up beautifully. We really, really like them. It is more fun for all of us, especially drums 4 and 5. The genius of beatRack strikes again!"

Mike Maschek, Chicago Bears Drumline

The Cavaliers Drum and Bugle Corps

beatRack provided custom loading ramps, custom uniform racks, and marimba frames for this DCI Champion Corps.

Pioneer Indoor Drumline

"In my experience using the beatRack stands has been a 100% positive experience for me, and more importantly my students. Using these stands allows my students an easier and quicker setup time for rehearsals. It also takes away the possibility for instruments tipping over and being damaged during setup. They are very efficient and an upgrade for my program!"

Adam Hill, Romeoville HS Band Percussion Instructor and Director of Pioneer Indoor Drumline

Dallas Mavericks Drumline

beatRack provided horizontal bass stands for the NBA Dallas Maverick's Drumline.

Blue Devils Drum and Bugle Corps

beatRack provided spinning bass carriers for this DCI Champion Corps.